Peter is a pleasure to work with as well as being a true professional, I would not hesitate to recommend him! After just viewing his portfolio online he made my short list already, and after meeting with him I was sold (I actually only met with one other photographer, I was done looking after speaking with Peter!).

Leading up to the wedding his communication was great, he made sure I knew what was going on and that he had the info he needed without stressing out an already stressed out bride. The day of the wedding he arrived early and scouted out the location for great photo spots while he waited for me to get ready. Even though I through a few curve ball requests at him the day of the wedding he took everything in stride and I credit him personally with keeping us on schedule, I would have been late for my own wedding without him ha! At our ceremony and reception he got lots of great shots without ever making it feel like he was in our or our guests faces. At one point I remember thinking I hadn’t seen him in a while only to look over and see him only a few feet from me.

And when we got the photos back WOW. My fiance has said multiple times how lucky we are that some people only get one or two nice shots from their wedding and we have enough to fill an entire album. He works his tail off taking photos and it really shows! Thank you again Peter!!!

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